Simple Things

We often tell ourselves what we want to have, what's beautiful for us, may it be a thing or not, what we want to achieve and so on. Sometimes, we need to just stop thinking all those good things on our mind. Give it a time to just sit down and stop for a while, think of what we have achieve so far, what we gain in what we do, and include all the smallest things that we have right now. All the simple things that we didn't realize that are really beautiful and is just right there in front of us, waiting to be recognized. Learn to appreciate all that we have, even good friends, relatives, parents, siblings, the air that we breathe, the sun, trees, everything that surrounds us, they are simple gifts that are really beautiful and we must learn to be thankful. 


All things in life have to be balance. All that is more than what we need and all that are less of what we need are not good for us. That is why they say that if it's for us, it will come in the right time and in the right place. We need to keep things balance in our lives to keep on moving. It's like reaching for your dreams, you always keeps on moving, trying and believing

Trust Life a Little Bit

As we experience love, we always tends to loose hope or faith in real love and relationship. Maybe because of the hardships, on how they struggle every time they got hurt, in dealing problems (may it be about their relationship or personal), time for each other most especially during special occasions or just finding time to be together. Finding true love is more difficult than we think huh? But when you really love someone you wouldn't bother arguing on why do we love a person. Right? As they always say, it's against all odds. Trust yourself, your heart and mind, most especially your love one cause in life it always "takes two to tango". 

Strengths and Weaknesses

We all have our strength and weaknesses. We only have to know how to deal with it and use each strength or weakness properly. We should know how to forgive others weakness for we too commits our own. Use one another's strength and use it as a weapon to be a more stronger person. 
Don't let your heart be full of burdens to carry on for it will be accumulated and be a part of your weakness. Forgive one another and learn from each other, for we could be "the strength" and "the weakness".

I'm Right! I'm Wrong.

"It's not arrogant to believe I'm right about something, but it’s arrogant to not consider the possibility I could be wrong." -I hate Quotes


When we do something or decide for things that we want or do we, always think and believe that what we do is the right thing to do but in fact, we can't really say when will we be right or wrong. We always have to open our mind to the possibilities that were not perfect. We commit mistakes, errors, stumble; but we always had a choice. It's all up to us on how we will accept things. We should know when to say i'm right and i'm wrong.


*“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” -Einstein


Miracle is an amazing or wonderful event that happens to anyone or in our surroundings. Each day is a blessing and a miracle that we experience; the sun, the air that we breath, water, everything that surrounds us. We should live our life according to what is right, your desire and in god's will. Our life is a gift that we should nurture, love and treasure

Amazing things will happen

In life, we can't really tell what's gonna happen, or what could we get out of what we do. Sometimes, those we want are not given to us and we always ask why? They say things happened for a reason and if it's not meant for us it won't gonna happen.

We can get things out of what we do if we works hard for it. If we know how to handle things and give priority to whatever we wanna achieve. Give yourself a chance to do things again and give it your best shot!

Fallen Angel

I can resist you or flee from you or try my hardest not to respond to you, but it makes no difference. You fall in love with me, and I with you.
-Daniel Grigori (Fallen)


You can try your very best not to talk to your love one, ignore or avoid them. We can do everything to stay away from the person we love but whenever there are times that we see some things that reminds us about them we easily forget that we are trying to forget them. Falling in love with the same person over and over is a big thing. It tells us that no matter how hard we try to control ourselves, two hearts that met will surely tells us that they belong to each other.

Life Goes On

Sometimes we should think of all the possibilities in life. Some are negative, but we always hoped for the positive side of it. Whenever were sad, look or do something that could make us happy. Always treasure and remember whatever you have is because you work hard for it. Forgive those who have sinned on you cause you too have sins that should be forgiven but nevertheless, learn from your mistakes. Things may seemed to go wrong and doesn't go with the way we wanted to, but remember that life must go on. 

Be careful who you fall inlove with

Falling in love with someone doesn't always means that you've fallen in love with the right person. We can't please everybody and ask them to accept the one you love. Loving someone that is not accepted by a lot of people is pretty hard but come to think of it, who's gonna be with the one you love? Who's gonna live with and be with you all the way? Two people who loves each other should know how to deal with this kind of situation. Always think that in every thing that we do there's a positive and negative reaction into it. Just learn how to accept it and believe that love prevails.

Fallen (Book I)

I fall in love. Over and over again. And each time, it ends catastrophy. But here is where it gets hard. The person I fall in love with each time is YOU.
-Daniel Grigori (Fallen)


If you really love a person, whether you've been parted or whatever the distance maybe your love for each other won't change. You'll fall for each other over and over again. It's like a cycle of love and severance, no one could separate the both of you.

You are a friend for lifetime

We go places were we had the opportunity to met some new friends where in, some stays and some leaves as we leave the place. Finding true friends is like finding who are real to you and who would just be there when your happy but leaves you in times of trouble. We meet friends by destiny, and by destiny that means we don't find them. They'll just come along the way. We will be able to meet a lot and called them friends but true friends are the ones who would be there for you whenever you need someone to talk to and be there to, keeps in contact no matter how long the distance maybe, gives you time even there's no occasion or get together to attend to. And no matter how long the time you last seen each other, you're friendship will keep you together.

City of Glass

I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there is life after that, I'll love you then.
-Jace Wayland (City of Glass)


If you really love someone, it will be forever. No matter how hard or difficult it maybe, true love finds its way. Obstacles, objections, disapproval or whatever it maybe; True love never dies. Like Jace's love for Clary in Mortal Instruments, they fought for their love in spite and despite all the hindrance. 


Everyone you meet comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack.


Each of us have problems or burdens that sometimes we just wish that there's someone out there who could help us in handling situations. Someone who understands, be on our side to comfort and help us in solving our problems. Handling problems alone is difficult most especially when it comes to those part that we wanted to talk about it but no one cares to listen. No one wants to be involve or be part of it, or even stay with you to listen while you grieve. Finding someone who knows you, has concern and understands you more than anyone else could help you unpack your baggage. But of course, we knows that were the only one who could solve our problems on the right time. Being with someone could give us the courage, support and understanding that we need.

Trust for you can be trust

How can you trust someone who doesn't trust you or anyone? Trust is something that is difficult to gain. For us to be trusted by someone we should know how to trust others. We always have this problem in finding someone or people whom we can trust, cause now a days it's really hard to trust someone. Come to think of it, we can trust someone but not to the full extent. As time goes by we can give full trust to those we really knows and vise versa. 

I'm worth it!

Nobody's perfect. We doesn't need to be perfect to be loved by anyone. If somebody loves you, you should be accepted the way you are even with your flaws. In spite of all the negatives, imperfections, faults; that someone should love you the way you should be love. You should know what's your worth even your partner should know that. Trust yourself and don't let anyone tells you that your not perfect and worthless. Instead, believe in yourself and in whatever you can do besides your imperfections. You are worth it!

Treasure Your Friendship

Friends do come and go. It doesn't matter when or where did you met, how long your friendship did last, or how many of them became your best friend. Know who your friends are, those who are important, brings out the best in you, those who teach you not scold you whenever you commit wrong done and those who treats you right. Respects and accepts you for who you really are, in spite and despite your improper acts. True friends that doesn't lets you down, treats you the way you should  be treated. Friends to treasure for the rest of your life.

Friends for keeps!

Moving On

Guess letting go is one of the hardest thing to do when your in love with someone who's been with you for a long time. Give it time, it won't mend over a couple of days or months especially when you've experience most of your wonderful, treasured days with him. No one says that it was easy and letting go would be the best way to heal your heart. Go out with your friends, make yourself busy, don't do things that you do with him or her. Think of things to do that won't let you think of him/her and for you to start a new. Live your life, there's so much you have to learn and to experience and someday or one day someone will definitely finds you. Better and will treat, love and respect you the way you deserve to be treated.

Storm... Rainbow

After 3 days of non stop rain... Floods... High tide... What else?.. I just can't think of anything right now... I just wanna thank God for saving us, for guiding and not forsaken us.
Thank you Lord for we have survive through your help. 

I would like to thank all my friends and relatives who texted me and ask for our condition. Baw, for ceaseless monitoring of our situation, thank you kasi unang balita pa lang hanggang matapos ang lahat andyan sya para mangamusta, magtanong at ipag-pray kami.
Wala na akong masasabi pa kundi maraming salamat po... God bless us all at sana wala ng ganung kalakas na ulan o bagyo pang dumating.

A Good Life

Who doesn't wants a good life? But come to think of it, what is life if you have so much trouble in mind. Always think that all excess of what we should have is bad. Don't do more if what you need is less, think of all the people who needs more than you need. Thank god for you are blessed with so much and for all the blessing that you had receive. Live a simple, sensible and a great life.

People Find Love

It's so hard to find true love and happiness but everyone deserves to be happy and in love. We don't find love. It will just come in the right time and in the right place. Some people say love comes to those who patiently waits. Time will come and tell who is the right one for us. Do not rush every thing you want, for every body deserves whatever you deserve.

Love Me

Sometimes it's better not to ask our love ones to whatever is wrong? We should know when is the right time to be with them and ask. Feel what they feel and let your heart tells you what to do. We need to know how to comfort them in time that they really need it. To be beside them in times of trouble, doesn't feel well, felt like crying, wants to be alone; in times when they needed you to be there. Stay close to the one you love cause you don't know when and where will they'll be needing your love and affection. 

Love and Friendship

No matter the distance maybe love and true friendship won't go any wrong if both parties do know how to communicate to each other. They'll find their way to say hello, tell stories about their recent experiences, catch up whenever they had the opportunity to see each other. Believe and trust each other even though their not able to see each other often. Even long distance relationship should be handled like long distance friendship, for love starts with friendship and this could be a start of a very good and stable relationship.

Storm Passes

After the storm, there's a rainbow that will occur and the sky would be filled with blue skies again. It's like when we have problems in life or we are facing troubles. We won't just sit down and wait for our problem to be solve, or just let things happened and pass by. We should learn how to deal with our problems accordingly. Solutions to problems will not just appear in front of us but instead, it will prolong our agony. We should take our problems one at a time and prioritized each problem depending on its weight. As soon as we finish analyzing our problems little by little we will accomplish and find solutions that could help us solve our problems. Finally, we will have a bright and new day ahead. 

Don't Judge

It's like judging a person by their physical appearance. Look deep within the person before saying anything. See them through their actions, behavior, goodwill and not by the way they look, dress or the way they deliver or present themselves. It's all about their inner qualities that should matter. Who wants to be misjudge and be accuse just because that's what our eyes told us to see... Look at yourself in the mirror before you judge people. 

"Don't judge a book by it's cover."


Carrying anger all your life is such a big burden most specially when it comes to love. You won't be able to move on and find love unless you learn how to let go and forgive the person in the past. Although it's hard to forgive someone you love, letting go of your anger would help you mend and heal the wound. Leave all your worries behind cause it won't do you any good when your already in a new relationship. You would always think of what had happen in the past and compare it in your present relationship.  

“Anybody can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way - that is not within everybody's power and is not easy.”-Aristotle


Who doesn't have enemies? Or secret enemies? We have enough detractors and enemies that surrounds us so don't make it so hard for yourself to live your life and don't think of anything that could ruin it. It's ok to commit mistakes as long as you know how to accept the consequences in your actions. Mistakes doesn't really mean we lose, it's just a part of life where we learn from our mistakes. It is the time or the part of our life where we should stand up and fight for ourselves. Love yourself and thank god for every trials and mistakes where you learn on how to continue being a good person.


There comes a time that we wanted to be alone to think, or just be with that someone who would understand you the way you wanted to be understand. Someone that could just quietly sit beside you, won't ask you whats wrong and just be there for you. Friendship is being with a friend with no reason at all. Just being there for each other in times of need or even if you don't need them. Sometimes sitting side by side with a friend even your not talking can already lift spirits and make them feel that their not alone. Knowing that your friend is there for you, comforting you in silence is enough for someone who seems and wants to be all alone. 

No Regrets

Don't do something bad or awful that you would regret for. If ever there are times that you know you had make some bad decisions or have done something wrong there's always a time to make things right. Don't regret it, and instead of blaming or hurting yourself, do the right thing. Life isn't easy and is so short, so we should make the most out of it. Stop blaming yourself cause it won't change anything. Everything that happened in our lives had it's own reason. We should learn to accept things as it is and have some time to think for ourselves to become a better person. Love those person who loves and believes in you cause you are worthy of. 

Starting All Over Again

We can't tell or say what will happens next in our life neither in our future. On how, when and where to start fixing things and putting back the broken pieces together. It's not about the past, how you live your life or how you love. Sometimes it's much better if we start from the scratch and start all over again. We can't say that we should forget the past, we'll just try to start creating a better one by starting a new life. Always think that a fresh start is another chance for us to become a better person. A chance to create whats good for us and to start all over again.

Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a virtue. We can't get anything out of being so aggressive in getting what we want or going beyond our limit. Always remember that in everything we do there's something that we can get through it. Maybe we can learn some lessons or ideas that we can use.  Being patient doesn't necessarily means that you should wait for the good things to come and just think that everything would just fall into their proper places. We should know where and when will we go and push our luck. All good things comes to those who patiently waits. 

If You Love Someone

We always want to get want we want but afraid of letting them go when it's time to let go. Letting go of something or someone is difficult when we have burdens or we think we can't leave without them or if we hold to much of that feeling and we have loved them so much. There are "what if's", and "if only" questions in our mind. We seemed to feel more eager to put things back together when it's already broken. Letting go doesn't mean you don't love the person anymore, it's just that we have to open your heart and mind to the possibility that maybe, were not meant for each other. As the saying goes; If you love someone set them free, if he/she comes back then you really are meant to be.  

"If you love something let it go, If it comes back to you it's yours,If it doesn't, it never was."

Strong Woman

Being strong doesn't really mean that your weak, or your giving up. Not because you experience so much pain and you hadn't won any battle would mean that your a failure. Crying and being alone for a moment, giving yourself some time to think could help you. Make the pain go away and face each battle with confidence. Be strong and use every trial, every tear and every failure to be your strength. God won't give us problems that he know we can't face and we won't able to solve.

"A strong woman became strong because of the pain she has faced and won."

Hard to Forget Someone

You don't forget someone who had given you great memories to remember. Memories that you shared for years, through good and bad times. The person that had been your partner whenever you needed someone to be there for you. Who fights with you when your in trouble, lifts up your spirit when your down, makes you smile whenever their around, supports you in all that you do. It's better to think that you parted ways because it's best for you both and you'll be able to grow separately. Be happy that once in your life you had met someone that had given you great memories to cherish. 

"It's so hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember."

Key to Happiness

‎"The key to your happiness is to own your slippers, own who you are, own how you look, own your family, own the talents you have, and own the ones you don’t. If you keep saying your slippers aren’t yours, then you’ll die searching, you’ll die bitter, always feeling you were promised more. Not only our actions, but also our omissions, become our destiny.”....

Keeping your destiny on our own. Be yourself, be whatever you wanted to be without any hesitations. Do whatever you wanna do that you know is the best for you. Being happy is being true to yourself, what makes you "you". Own yourself, don't let anyone dictates you on what you should be, what you wanna be. Follow what your heart tells you and be the one to create your destiny. Remember what we do, achieve and the path were taking is our will. 


Time. Guess all of us would agree that time is so important, that every minute counts. We should know how to manage our time, most specially managing our time to our love ones. Don't give them just a spare of your time or whenever you wanted to. Give time to someone you love because they are important and they are worth your precious time. 

Be true to yourself

Being true to oneself is sometimes a lot difficult than telling a lie to someone. It is hard to accept or to express your true feelings. We need to be true to what we feel cause they don't lie to us. Knowing, believing, trusting and loving yourself are some factors on being true to ourselves. We should know how to value our true feelings and respect one's feeling. Be true and show who and what you really are cause everyone could lie to you except yourself.

Don't listen to what other people tell you of who they think you are and listen to what you really feels.

"Be true to yourself and feelings. Those are the only things in your life that will never lie to you."

Long Distance Relationship

They say that long distance relationships won't work or difficult to manage. Some people think that if they'll gonna be far from the one they love, they would fall apart or fall out of love. Come to think of it, in a relationship there are many obstacles, problems, disturbances that 
could occur and can ruin a relationship but that doesn't really matter to two people who truly love each other enough to hold on to their relationship. So what is distance to two people who deeply love each other? Trust, love, communication, mutual understanding are some keys for a long distance relationship to succeed. Guess that's truly love. :)

"Distance doesn't matter...
If two hearts are loyal to each other"


Friend. Someone whom you can count on to, who believes in you and in everything you do. Doesn't tells you what to do whenever your down but encourages you to move on and lift your spirit. They knows how to appreciate what you do and accepts the whole you. They don't judge you by the way you act or speak but understands you the way you wanted to be understand.

Be a friend to someone who won't let you down and would be there through ups and down. Never leaves you when the rest of the world leaves you. Friends never make assumptions about you. They never expect a reason to go out with you and only expect you to be you.

"A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you today just the way you are."


In a relationship, it is important to have time for your partner. It's not because it's the right thing to do but because you wanted and loved to. This problems usually occurs to partners that both work or have their own business to manage. Or sometimes, to those partners that thinks that it's ok to just meet some other time or they could be together on special occasions. Relationships are not like that, we should give and spend time with the people that we love as often as we can cause who knows when will be the next time we'll be with the one we love.

Always pays attention and give time. Don't tell lies and make excuses for you to just not go see your partner. And never ever break your promises, most especially during special occasions. Remember, relationship works on both ways. So always, give it your best shot!

"When you are important to another person that person will always find a way to make time for you... No excuses, No lies, No broken promises."